All Aluminium

New approach to traditional catamaran design


With an overall length and beam similar to the most popular industry players around 78 feet, the Amasea 84’/25m has an extra deck level and a dedicated service area for the crew. Having three decks instead of two introduces much more flexibility in terms of layout. The master suite, for example, can be on the main or lower deck and the yacht is designed with two galleys: one for guest use and a smaller one for the crew.

Quality materials all-aluminium


The hull will be specially reinforced for world cruising in high latitudes. The yacht is designed to cross the Atlantic without refuelling for long-range cruising and exploration, with sufficient dry and cold storage to remain at sea for up to 6 weeks without re-provisioning.

Another new concept is that the interior decor is entirely up to the owner, who can engage his or her own designer.

Long-range cruising exploration


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